Horizontal Palletised Machining

Matsuura H.PLUS-300 Multi Pallet High Speed Horizontal

Capacity 500 x 500 x 500



The Matsuura® H.Plus-300 is a multi pallet high speed horizontal machining center, the multi pallet configuration means that these machines are are continuously cutting material and therefore our customers are only paying for machining.. not loading. 

These machines are ideal for high volume low cost parts and give us the ability to be highly competitive in sectors such as telecoms and aerospace. Our machines are fitted with highly rigid polymer composite cubes and Microloc© work holding giving us the versatility to hold multiple parts with absolute precision. 

Utilising the latest Delcam® CAD/CAM software we’re able to produce pre-production samples within minimal timescales.

“the Matsuura® H-Plus 300 is a premium product designed for high volume serial production”