Design & Manufacture

26-250x250Here at Laig we utilise the very latest Delcam® Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing software and work closely with our customers to ensure their products are produced as efficiently as possible.

We can design parts from the ground up or simply offer suggestions to help improve a parts “machinability” which in turn means a reduction in the manufacturing time and overall cost.

Our engineers have a wealth of experience in the design and manufacture of components that cover a vast array of materials and industry sectors including renewable energy, oil and gas exploration, telecommunications and aerospace.

Our support and expertise covers all aspects form initial enquiry, prototype and pre-production samples through to high volume serial production. We also offer support to other machining facilities wishing to re-evaluate their existing production processes and welcome all enquiries regardless.

“designing for manufacture reduces both lead time and cost”

Technical Support
Tel. +372 5565 8795